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Amazon Product Ranking

You should keep your product top positions on Amazon search result to get huge sales. That is why we are here can help you to rank your product on Amazon Top positions like Top #1, Top #5, Top #10, Top page or wherever you want.

Keyword Research for product

Selecting better keyword is a most important matter to get expected traffic. You should select a keyword which has a high volume search in amazon as customer will reach your product by a keyword.

Amazon product listing

There is something exceptional step by step work to do during listing your product on Amazon. Our specialist will help you to with all your need.

Amazon product wishlist

Anyone can do wishlist for your product. But which one will be most powerful and effective for your product ranking ? Amazon Search Engine always check if all your wishist are from different places or by different unique IP. Then it will be consider to move up.

Amazon Giftlist

Suggesting your product to someone as gift is so important as wishlist. This could be a luck for your product if it can get Top positions by Giftlist on Amazon search.

Amazon voting for review

Voting to existed reviews Helps new customers to guess about the product behavior from customers reviews who bought & used the product. So this could help customers to make a good comment about the product.

Verified & Unverified reviews

Another great step for ranking your product. Every buyer try to purchase a good product which is mentioned in your product review. This is really helpful to get huge sell from real buyers.

Free Amazon Consultancy

If you are tired of thinking about which product should you choose, which keyword could help you getting huge sell, which way will be the best way to rank your product. Then we are here to help you with all your need.




Excellent Customer Support

  • Product Link/ASIN
  • Buyer targeted keyword/ Sub-keyword
  • Free Coupon Code or Gift Cards for Purchase (for Instant Rank)
  • Minimum 50% Upfront Payment
  • Contact for Q/A service by Skype
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$420 - $1550

  • 1st page rank position in TOP #1 for $1550 (15-20 days)
  • 1st page rank position in TOP #5 for $820 (15-20 days)
  • 1st page rank position in TOP #10 for $500 (15-20 days)
  • Only 1st page rank position for $420 (15-20 days)
  • Google 1st Page Rank Position in TOP#5 for $1000 (30 Days)
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Multiple Product Ranking

$200 - $350

  • For 1st Page Rank
  • If You Order 5 to 10 Keywords = $350/ (Per Keyword)
  • If You Order 10 to 20 Keywords = $300/ (Per Keyword)
  • If You Order 20 to 50 Keywords = $250/ (Per Keyword)
  • If You Orders Up to 50 Keywords = $200 (Per Keyword)
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